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Swell IV Therapy

Founded in Tulsa, OK, Swell IV Therapy is for those who work hard, play hard and always want to feel the top of their game. We know that proper hydration and vitamin supplements are critical to maintaining a healthy balance, and we're making it easier and quicker than ever to get your health fix. Our selection of IV formulas are specifically designed to reenergize the body and mind, speed hangover recovery, boost immunity and support overall wellbeing. Our professionals use only the best available formulas that are medical-grade and physician recommended.

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IV Therapy

Pricing & offers

Vitamin IV therapy improves immune function, boosts energy levels, supports cognitive and cardiovascular health and promotes an overall sense of well being.

Vitamin Shots

Pricing & offers

Vitamin shots can boost your vitamin levels quickly with injections loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants for exactly what your body needs.

Our Services


Swell offers an ever-expanding menu of services to support your health goals and chronic condition needs. With our wellness and recovery in-home therapies, we've curated a variety of services that fit whatever stage in your health journey you may be.

Who we are

All of our health providers are certified, background checked, professionally trained and accredited registered nurses.  So you can rest and recover easy knowing you are receiving the best care from trusted health care specialists.

What we do

Swell IV Therapy’s concierge services mean you receive IV therapy from the comfort of your own home.  Our specialists will work with you to get the package you need.

Swell IV Therapy

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We look forward to taking care of you. Our highly trained experts are here to answer any of your questions and determine a personalized treatment plan for you.

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